racers-edge-twin400The Racers Edge Twin400 is a dual output 200W per channel DC only balance charger. Featuring a compact footprint that allows you to stack the batteries you are charging in a secure C-channel battery rack, a bright LED backlit LCD screen that is at an inclined angle for easy charge monitoring, independent USB charge port and a sleek aluminium carrying case that adds extra protection from the elements. A full aluminium case with heat sink and built in cooling fans keep temperatures in check whilst charging or discharging. Built in balance software, a complete line-up of adapters, along with Racers Edge’s unique Pro Bullet Harness are included as well as a blank lead for your own customisation. Storage and transporting your charger has never been easier with the custom aluminium carrying cases. The Twin400 is capable at charging at 10A with discharge current up to 5A. It includes two Pro-Connect Bullets, Alligator Clips, Tamiya connector, Deans Ultra Plug, Traxxas HC, Futaba RX, JST and open charger leads. Also included are two XH 2-6S balance board and an aluminium carrying case.

Source: Racers Edge

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