vampire-racing-2013-stick-packsVampire Racing have released three new LiPos in the form of the 4200mAh 30C, 5300mAh 30C and 7200mAh 70C stick packs. The 4200mAh 30C 7.4V pack is an entry-level pack ideal to upgrade RTR cars, buggies and trucks with a high-performance LiPo battery. Housed in a 23.5mm hardcase with lower locating lugs the pack also fits many older kits with battery location chassis cut outs. The lightweight battery is also ideal for 2WD buggies racing on slippery dirt and clay tracks.
The second new pack is the 7.4V 5300mAh 30C battery. The pack sports a regular 25.1mm height, is build from high-performance 30C cells and is ideal for weekly club racing with on- and off-road vehicles. The high capacity cells make for exceptional runtimes while offing a high voltage level.
Last but not least. comes the ultra high performance 7.4V 7200mAh 70C LiPo battery. The pack is build using the best cells on the market making it the ideal choice for demanding applications such as modified touring cars, 4WD buggies and short course trucks as well as 1:8 off-road buggies. Ultra high capacity and voltage let this pack stand out. All of the new Vampire Racing LiPo stick packs sport 4mm bullet type tube connectors and a 2mm balancer port.

Source: Vampire Racing

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