aka-wide-scThe AKA short course tyre line has been updated. After the release of the Handlebar on the new wider carcass, there have now announced the Enduro 2, Cityblock 2, Handlebar STD and Wishbone 2, all on the wider carcass. Each tyre has a bigger footprint to create more traction while staying in spec with the 2.2/3.0″ short course tyre specifications.
The Handlebar STD (Standard Tread Depth) features a taller pin height ideal for hard packed or blue-groove outdoor tracks, while the already released Handlebar tackles the indoor tracks with its Low Tread Depth. The Wishbone 2 has been updated with a denser tread pattern for more traction and longer tyre wear, ideal for indoor tracks. The Enduro 2 maintains its bestselling tread pattern and tread density while the Cityblock 2 has been opened up a bit to allow the tyre tread to dig in deeper while still having superior wear characteristics.

Source: AKA

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