byron-worlds-fuelByron have developed their Gen2 Worlds Blend, which has been tested for power, to achieve higher mileage and consistent tuning by Cody King for over a year. Race Gen2 Worlds Blend was put to its biggest test in Argentina at the 2012 IFMAR 1:8 Off-Road World Championships. Cody made his run from the lower finals, all the way through to the main event. Most engines subjected to this kind of gruelling, intense service would be ready for the scrap pile, but afterwards, Cody’s motor looked new inside.

B3130700 Byron Worlds Blend Race Gen2 2500 25% (Gallon) £27.99
B3130701 Byron Worlds Blend Race Gen2 3000 30% (Gallon) £29.99

Source: CML Distribution

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