xray-rx8'13Xray have released details of their new RTX8 model for the 2013 season. The RX8’13 1:8 circuit car features the following new parts:

Fuel tank
Low-profile (LP) shocks
Short shock springs (3S)
Shock towers
Reverse clutch set
Front bumper
Rear body holders
Exhaust mounting
Larger two-speed ball bearing
Stronger servo saver
Brake cam posts

Martin Hudy has taken over development of the new chassis and had this to say:

“Taking over the further development of the RX8 has been a real challenge for me but also a great opportunity at the same time. The first years of the all-new RX8 have been very exciting and successful with winning multiple national championships including the US national title as well the Winternats titles. The Xray on-road racing team, as well as the R&D team, have been doing a fantastic job and I am more than proud to present you the newest version of the RX8.
Development at Xray never stops, nor does our pursuit of perfection. The new updated version of the RX8 brings forth all the best from the RX8 platform and adds plenty of refinements and improvements to make the already successful car even more reliable with increased performance and handling.”

For more details, visit Xray’s dedicated page for the car here.

Source: Xray

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