serpent-Matt-SchrefflerSerpent America has joined forces with top off-road driver Matt Schreffler. Matt will be running the Cobra nitro buggy and truggy, as well as the Spyder 1:10 2WD buggy that will be introduced in July. Below is a brief interview with Matt.

Serpent: Hello Matt, Welcome to Team Serpent. Which classes will you run for Serpent?
Matt Schreffler: I will be running both electric and nitro off-road classes.

S: In which area of the USA you race most and which tracks?
MS: I find myself lucky to live and race in the Southern California where both the competition and number of tracks is large.

S: What is your favourite track and why?
MS: My favourite electric track is Westcoast Raceway in La Habra. This is also my home track and I feel very lucky to have such a nice facility to run at. On the nitro side of racing I feel that Thunder Alley in Beaumont is one of the best facilities to both race and practice at.

S: Which big races will you attend this year?
MS: I plan on attending as many major races as my school schedule allows, but a few major races that I’m looking forward to include the ROAR Fuel Offroad Nationals in June, Roar Electric National in August and the IFMAR Electric Worlds in September.

S: Which brand radio, servo, tyres, engine and fuel do you use?
MS: My current equipment consists of Airtronics radios and servos, AKA tyres, OS motors and Nitrotane fuel.

S: What is your current job?
MS:I’m currently in my third year of college studying economics and plan on graduating in the next year or two.

S: Whom do you see as best RC driver in the world today and why?
MS: I believe that there are a handful of drivers that can win at world level races, but I think that Atsushi Hara is one of the best RC drivers in the world due to his ability and knowledge to run such a wide variety of classes at the highest level of competition.

S: How is the feel of the Serpent cars, compared to what you build and ran before?
MS: The Serpent cars seem to be of very high quality and possess innovative features. The most important thing that I noticed when I initially tested the Serpent cars was the level of precision and robustness that the cars were designed with.

S: What is your next bigger race to attend?
MS: My first major race with Serpent cars will be the ROAR Fuel Nationals on 13-16 June. I appreciate the opportunity that Serpent has given me and hope to have much success with Team Serpent. I would like to thank Joaquin Desoto and Paul Ciccarello of Serpent America for providing me with this opportunity and hope to prove successful in my new venture.

Source: Serpent

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