lopez-serpentThe Serpent development team has expanded with the arrival Nacho Lopez from Spain. Nacho is an industrial engineer and has carried out freelance work for Serpent in the past. Nacho is involved in design, modelling, engineering, testing and racing, as well as working on manuals, video and promotional affairs. He will attend many races from his base in Valencia, Spain. His local on-road rack is Almussafes just 15 minutes away, and also electric on-road and off-road tracks are nearby. Nacho is a top racer in the 1:8 on-road class in Spain and is the 2013 EC B 1:8 vice-champion. Nacho was already involved in the testing of the Viper 977 in December last year, and is working now on the F110 Formula One car, as well as on the 747-e, 977-e and F180-e, which we will see more off in the months to come.
As the Serpent off-road line is expanding fast, they are also looking for additional development staff, specialising in the off-road market. An engineering education and/or background, as well as vast RC racing experience is needed. There is some preference for being USA based or willing to move the Florida to work with Billy Easton, their head of off-road design. Contact Team Serpent at info@serpent.com

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