schumacher-mi6evoSchumacher’s new for 2017 platform is the Mi6evo that includes the latest developments from their international racing and engineering team. The Mi6evo features free moving ball raced wishbones without any slop and with an even lower centre of gravity that the manufacturer claims will carry even more corner speed. The most notable new for 2017 features include:

Modified chassis plate with increased cut outs around the suspension mounts for more traction
Shorter span, reduced footprint motor mount gives increased rear chassis flex and more rear traction
Ability to brace rear top deck without connecting to motor mount for different stiffness tuning
Motor position moved 3mm inboard to reduce roll
Centre line belts for perfect balance
Lightweight five-spoke spool and lightweight centre pulley
Carbon fibre reinforced nylon wishbones reduce weight and increase flexibility
Optional larger spur for more forward motor positioning in modified racing

The new touring car will be available in March 2017, but if you want more information check out the official website for the Mi6evo here.


K175          Schumacher Mi6evo Pro Touring Kit

Source: Schumacher Racing

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