00-leadThe new DC1 from HoBao is on sale now and available in either a Ready-To-Run or kit format. Racer was lucky to get a sample from CML Distribution who represent the HoBao brand in the UK and as it was the latter kit type, we decided that a build blog would be perfect to show off the 1:10-scale trail crawler. So over the next few days, we will be uploading photos going through the build from beginning to finish.

001-The-kit-laid-outTo start off, here are all the parts laid out and ready to be opened


002-Details-instructionsThe instructions are clear and easy to follow


004-Two-speed-transmission-partsThe parts that make up the two-speed transmission


005-Two-speed-gearbox-togetherThe completed two-speed transmission


006-Hobao-550-MotorThe kit version requires a motor and we selected this HoBao 550-size brushed model

008-Motor-attached-to-plate-and-mesh-set-through-holes-in-plateThe motor was attached to the mounting plate and the mesh set through the holes

009-Motor-attached-to-two-speed-boxNow we could attach the two-speed to the other side of the motor plate

The two parts of the transmission

011-Chassis-parts-laid-outThe chassis parts all laid out

012-Chassis-initial-assemblyThe initial chassis build

013-Motor-sits-at-very-front-of-chassisThe motor sits at the very front of the chassis

014-Hooking-two-speed-to-final-gearboxHooking the two-speed up to the gearbox

015-Suspension-linkages-and-ends-laid-outThe suspension linkages and ends

016-Assembling-linksAssembling the linkages

016-Pre-tapping-rod-endsPre-tapping the ends

017-Attaching-links-to-bottom-of-chassisAttaching the links to the chassis

018-Savox-servo-for-two-speedWe used this Savox servo to operate the two-speed transmission

019-Gear-change-servo-and-linkThe gear change servo and linkage

020-Side-plate-on-chassis-railsSide plate fitted

023-Steering-servo-with-horn-fittedA HoBao servo for the steering with horn installed

024-Assembling-axle-unitAssembling the axle unit

025-Assembling-steering-knucklesThe steering knuckles and driveshaft

026-Finished-front-cvd-and-knuckleA completed steering knuckle with CVD installed

027-Axle-unit-with-cover-onDifferential unit with the cover in place

028-Close-up-of-pumpkinA close up of the pumpkin (diff cover)

029-Caster-set-in-incrementsFine adjustment for the caster angle using these splines

030-Steering-knuckle-on-axleThe steering knuckle located on the axle

031-Front-axle-with-steering-rodsThe front axle virtually complete with the steering arms

032-Rear-axle-with-fixed-shaftsThe rear axle is a much simplified arrangement

033-Shock-bodies-and-springsShock bodies and bright blue springs

034-An-assembled-shockOne assembled shock absorber

035-Patented-shock-building-toolAn egg box makes for a handy shock holder!

036-Shocks-with-springsSprings fitted to the shock absorbers

037-Wheels-and-tyresWheels and tyres for the DC1

038-Deep-treadDeep tread on the rubber tyres

039-Finished-chassis-from-aboveThe finished chassis from above

040-Finished-chassis-from-frontThe front three-quarter view

041-Finished-chassis-motor-close-upThe motor and servo in position

042-Finished-chassis-front-from-belowThe Panhard rod steering set-up

043-Finished-chassis-the-Kill-SwitchThe speed controller and switch

Shell-masked-upThe body masked up and ready for some paint

finalThe completed model – and doesn’t it look great!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them on our social media feed – we have a Facebook group and page as well as a Twitter feed and these will also be used to notify you of updates to this on-going process…

Look out for a detailed build report in the September issue of Racer that will include our driving experiences too. The DC1 will remain one of our long-term test models and we will add some accessories and custom features over time!

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