Due to the problems currently in the world, we are struggling to get the magazine printed and distributed so the next issue of Racer is only being published digitally on our usual platform. You can purchase a copy of the May issue here.
We hope to get back to printed paper issues soon – and please keep an eye here on the website and social media for updates. If you normally have a print subscription you won’t lose out as we will extend your subscription accordingly. If you’d like to see the digital version, send an e-mail to us here and we can grant you access.
We apologise for the temporary change, but we will be back!
The Racer Team


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13 Responses to Racer Goes Digital During Covid-19

  1. Mark says:

    I have a printed subscription and would like access to this month’s (digital only) copy please.

  2. Matt says:

    Please e-mail alan@doolittlemedia.com as stated in the article for this to be arranged…


    The Racer Team

  3. Patrick says:

    When the new issue coming out?
    I’m in Canada so digital only for me.

  4. Philip moffett says:

    We need our printed issues back digital is total rubbish and always will be…….I need something to look forward to coming through the letter box? Please get it going again!

  5. Philip moffett says:

    Surely you still can’t find it difficult to get the magazine printed??? WH Smith’s magazine section looks pretty full of magazines and my other subscriptions have been fine! Or is this the last/only rc car magazine bit the dust?

    • Matt says:

      Racer will return with the November 2020 issue on sale 1 October through all outlets including retail stores and online

      • Philip moffett says:

        Excellent news! It’s the only rc magazine left we can’t lose this one! Nothing better than having a magazine through the letter box! online just isn’t the same!

      • Jon D says:

        Yes! Finally! I can’t believe you’ve not been able to publish an issue since March. Other UK-based magazines I get have managed to publish every month all the way through the Pandemic. And some published two thicker issues. Why you couldn’t print anything, is frankly curious.

        • Matt says:

          Thanks for the message. Not only were there issues with our print chain, but early on in the pandemic there were many retail outlets closed like WHSmiths that we relied on for sales. With a large chunk of income missing, we couldn’t make it work financially. But we are pleased to announce that we will be producing an issue that will go on sale at the beginning of November and this will get Racer back on track…

  6. Simon Clarke says:

    can you tell us what will happen with those of us that subscribe to monthly editions through apple subscription plans and such? 5 months without a magazine is a shame… especially when we pay for digital only versions!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the message. Anyone who has a subscription – digital or printed – will have it extended to match the amount of issues missed. Any problems please let us know. Many thanks for your patience.

  7. Jon kedge says:

    Not having any issues posted to me since April I was expecting October issue before it went on sale in the shops so where is it please. I will not get digital reliably. I hope you have extended my subription as it was a present.. Thanks. Jon..

    • Matt says:

      Hi Jon. Sadly there was a further short delay but I am very pleased to announce that we will restart publication of Racer with December 2020. This issue is currently at the printers and goes on sale on Thursday 5 November, but as a subscriber you should receive it a little earlier. Your subscription will be extended to allow for the months when the magazine wasn’t printed… Many thanks for all your support through this challenging time.

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