VRC – February 2010 News


Sneak Preview Of VRC Pro

VRC Pro is now in alpha testing state, meaning all systems and structures are being intensively tested before to start the beta test with outside users. The waiting was for the proprietary XANDRA graphics engine to deliver the first in-game pictures. And they are stunning! The graphics engine delivers a hi-definition RC racing experience as real as it will ever get. Dynamic shading on the 3D pit table user interface, light reflection and specularity produce a fully realistic pit table environment from where you build and set up your car or go racing. And in the background the live race track with cars on it. It’s just like being on the track.


The pit table is fully customisable with the accessories you would normally also have on your pit table: tools, radio, starter box or charger, you name it and it’s there! All these accessories are there to be picked up and looked at. So there may but stuff on your pit table that you haven’t used or seen before and now it’s there in hi-def 3D.


The track experience has been lifted to a very high level. The dynamic shadow and light settings give you different atmospheres from the early morning till late afternoon. Night racing and rain conditions will be added at a later stage. The new collision system and tyre model give an even better ‘feel’ to the racer than in v3 which was already seen as extremely realistic.


VRC Pro Welcomed By The Industry

During the 2010 International Nurnberg Toyfair VRC Pro was introduced to some of the major RC manufacturers. They were excited about the quality of VRC Pro and what VRC Pro could mean for the RC hobby as a whole. They all agreed that the hi-def graphics were far beyond expectation and contributed greatly to an ultra realistic RC experience. The RC industry seems to embrace VRC Pro as a means to connect with new RC enthusiasts from around the world and to give them an easy yet very realistic first hand experience about the hobby and how exciting RC racing can be.


VRC Pro Upgrade Policy

At the end of 2008 VRC introduced the VRC Upgrade policy. It has certainly taken longer than we expected back then to bring VRC Pro to you, but the same conditions still apply today. With the launch of VRC Pro expected somewhere middle of 2010 it is still interesting to get going with VRC v3 today. When VRC Pro is launched you will be able to upgrade your VRC v3 account to VRC Pro while receiving part of your v3 software purchases in the last 10 months prior to the launch of VRC Pro, back as V-dollars. For every month of use of the v3 software and tracks 10% will be deducted.



Virtual WinterNats 2010

The 2010 Virtual WinterNationals were heavily contested on the demanding Fort Myers track in Florida USA. Almost 800 racers participated in the WinterNats, spread over 3 classes; 1:8 CanAm (251 racers), 1:10 Sedan (335 racers) and 1:10 Sportscars (203 racers). 2009 Top ranked Antonello Paris won 1:8 with a three lap lead over Andersson. In 1:10 Sedan World Champ Frank Hattich took victory over Andersson again with just a four second margin after 45 minutes of hard racing. In 1:10 Rookie class Polands Maciej Czekajewski won the title over Lein with a lap and a half margin. Poland convincingly were the strongest nation in Rookie class, confirming their split third place in the 2009 Nation Cup.

1:8 Can Am Class: (251 racers)

  • 1. Antonello Parisi (IT) 227 Laps 45:04.302 (1/2)
  • 2. Stefan Andersson (SE) 224 Laps 45:01.101 (2/2)
  • 3. Giorgio Mingotti (IT) 224 Laps 45:12.440 (2/2)
  • 4. Alexey Babchencko (UA) 222 Laps 45:05.634 (1/2)
  • 5. Selwyn Duthie (NZ) 221 Laps 45:07.362 (2/2)
  • 6. Alessandro Zucco (IT) 220 Laps 45:04.027 (2/2)
  • 7. Kevin Pignotti (IT) 220 Laps 45:05.969 (1/2)
  • 8. Ric Bartolozzi (AU) 219 Laps 45:00.135 (1/2)
  • 9. Matt Kellett (AU) 219 Laps 45:01.377 (1/2)
  • 10. Chris Stack (AU) 219 Laps 45:08.285 (1/2)

1:10 Sedan Class: (335 racers)

  • 1. Frank Hättich (DE) 209 Laps 45:00.418 (1/2)
  • 2. Stefan Andersson (SE) 208 Laps 45:10.640 (2/2)
  • 3. Tobias Brunke (DE) 207 Laps 45:04.732 (2/2)
  • 4. Matt Kellett (AU) 207 Laps 45:15.407 (1/2)
  • 5. Adam Fuller (AU) 204 Laps 45:10.095 (1/2)
  • 6. Antonello Parisi (IT) 204 Laps 45:14.657 (2/2)
  • 7. Chris Stack (AU) 203 Laps 45:00.261 (1/2)
  • 8. Daniel Röjsel (SE) 203 Laps 45:10.406 (2/2)
  • 9. Ric Bartolozzi (AU) 201 Laps 45:12.765 (1/2)
  • 10. Rudolf Hchtl (AT) 201 Laps 45:17.131 (2/2)

1:10 Sportscars Rookies Class (203 racers)

  • 1. Maciej Czekajewski (PL) 203 Laps 45:09.699 (1/2)
  • 2. Sebastian Lein (DE) 201 Laps 45:00.557 (1/2)
  • 3. Martin S. Hansen (DK) 201 Laps 45:03.453 (1/2)
  • 4. Patryk Skrzypiec (PL) 198 Laps 45:06.769 (1/2)
  • 5. Kamil Rzepka (PL) 198 Laps 45:11.771 (1/2)
  • 6. Suek Wiktor (PL) 197 Laps 45:05.538 (2/2)
  • 7. Cristian Lorente (ES) 195 Laps 45:03.506 (2/2)
  • 8. Pablo Rodriguez (AR) 195 Laps 45:13.164 (1/2)
  • 9. Yakov Samoilenko (RU) 194 Laps 45:12.528 (2/2)
  • 10. Jason Ercegovic (AU) 192 Laps 45:12.383 (1/2)


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