The Once Over – LRP S10 Blast BX RTR Buggy


When we heard that LRP were doing their own Ready-To-Run 1:10 electric buggy we were keen to see what they could bring to the party. When we found out the UK retail price was to be around 150 quid, including battery and charger we were intrigued even more. Surely it couldn’t be up to much for that sort of money…could it??


Well, it is. Without a doubt this is one of the best value products on the market today. Fully featured and strong, it offers the ideal introduction to the world of ‘proper’ RC cars. It comes complete with a fully featured radio, battery and charger too! Lets look a little closer at what the LRP S10 Blast BX has to offer.



Chassis is fully featured. Four wheel drive comes courtesy of steel geared differentials for strength and reliability.


The transmission also features a slipper clutch so you can adjust the power uptake and also help protect the transmission against shock.


More high-spec parts. CVD type driveshafts are used at the front end of the Blast BX, an amazing inclusion for the price.


Motive power comes from a proven LRP package including their famed Ai speed controller.


The Blast BX even has an aluminium motor mount. Adjustable so you can change the gear ratios, it is an essential part to help dissipate heat from the motor, an area other RTR manufacturers often overlook.


The included battery can be easy removed by simply removing a body clip and swinging the retainer out of the way.


The underside of the plastic chassis is smooth to avoid it snagging on rough surfaces.


Chunky moulded wishbones form the basis of the suspension.


Turnbuckle upper and steering links also feature and anti-roll bars are also stock equipment.



Plastic threaded oil-filled shocks are on the Blast BX allowing fine adjustment of ride height. The rear wing mount is strong too.


The suspension also uses alloy inner hinge pin mounts in the most loaded areas. A neat inclusion that will make the Blast BX even tougher.




The transmitter has steering rate and end point adjustment too. The throttle end point adjustments could be used to slow the Blast BX down for young kids, getting them used to the speed of the buggy progressively.




After charging the 1600mAh battery pack we went out for a demon road test. The Blast BX lives up to it’s name for sure, riding rough stuff well with good, solid predictable handling. Speed is on a par with other electric RTR buggies out there which have a much higher price tag.


It’s strong too, with its steel geared transmission and quality parts. Our test driver Alex, one of ADH’s design guys is a rank amateur to the world of RC (to be fair, he is both rank and an amateur at most things…) and strength tested the buggy with some comedy impacts for us.


To summarise, the Blast BX is a great package, the perfect intro to RC and above all, an absolute bargain!


LRP products are available in the UK through Spire Model Distribution. Check out their website for more details at and look out for a full Thrash Test review in Racer magazine soon.





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