Sweep UK Rug Racers Series Details for 2012-13


This October will see the return of one of the UK’s best indoor racing championships – the Sweep UK Rug Racers series. Last year was one of the best so far with the 21.5T championships going to the last round and 13.5T to the last race! This year the championship is even better. On the basis of driver opinion, the series has moved to running 17.5T Stock (Blinky) class alongside 13.5T Open. To accompany the touring classes will also be a Mardave championship for the V12-based chassis. This series will be the only one of its kind this winter fully backed and sponsored by Mardave.
As always there will be some great raffle prizes supplied by www.SweepRacingUK.com and www.RCRacingUK.com. Alongside this a superb prize again this year from Racer Magazine, kindly offering a year’s subscription to the top Junior Champion in both 13.5T and 17.5T. Mardave will be offering some top prizes through the season to their class drivers as well. Again this year the first rounds profits will go to charity, with this year’s chosen charity being GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital).
The dates for this year’s series are:

Round 1      7 October 2012
Round 2      4 November 2012
Round 3      2 December 2012
Round 4      6 January 2013
Round 5      10 February 2013
Round 6      3 March 2013

Booking in for the series will be via Central Booking and will be open very soon. Racing will be over four five-minute qualifiers with two finals for every driver. Each final will count as point scoring of which eight of the 12 count towards the championship.
For a full rundown of the rules, visit UKRCRacer.co.uk, RCRacechat.com or join the FaceBook group Sweep UK Rug Racers.

Source: Sweep Racing UK

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