hnmc-r6-buggyWith the dreadful winter weather in the UK, HNMC readied both tracks for Sunday’s racing. Remarkably the dirt track was not too bad, but with a 50 per cent chance of rain racing was moved to the Astroturf track. Qualifying was a three-way fight between Karl Jackson, Jamie Clancy and Simon Reeves with the latter taking top honours on TQ in round three. Peter Bird tok the truggy TQ and Simon Reeves was fastest in E-buggy.
hnmc-r6-e-buggyThe D final in buggy went to Jim Thompson from Aaron Sayce and Chris Smoothy, before Chris Long won the C final from HNMC’s own Jim Thompson and Howard Elston third. Jim Thompson bumper a third time in the B final taking third behind John Niall and Matt Bridge respectively. TLR’s Karl Jackson won the A final fron the Team Associateds of Simon Reeves and Jamie Clancy.
hnmc-r6-truggyPeter Bird converted truggy TQ into the win ahead of Charlie Webb and Bailey Webb as Simon Reeves did the same in E-buggy winning from Ian Fuller.
HNMC offered a massive thanks to everyone who helped get the tracks ready for this Sundays racing. The next race is on 24 January and full results can be found here.

Source: HNMC

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