schumacher-Silverstone-jan-16-2wd-top3Charlie Ware scored the biggest win of his RC career at the January round of the Silverstone winter series. With his recent switch to the Schumacher KF2 he moved up a level to comfortably set 2WD TQ and take the win. In second and third were Schumacher team mates Tom Yardy and Nathan Waters with their KF2s.
In the 4WD class there was a close battle between Richard Barton and Matt Owen with their CAT K2s, with the former eventually taking the win from Matt with Dave Burton third.

1. Charlie Ware – Schumacher KF2
2. Tom Yardy –  Schumacher KF2
3. Nathan Waters – Schumacher KF2
4. Kev Lee – PR Racing
5. Greg Williams – Schumacher KF2
6. Dave Poulter – Schumacher KF2
7. Ian Mellish – Kyosho
8. Matt Owen – Schumacher KF2
9. Richard Barton – Schumacher KF2
10. Eugene Galley – Schumacher KF2

1. Richard Barton – Schumacher CAT K2
2. Matt Owen – Schumacher CAT K2
3. Dave Burton – PR Racing
4. Craig Maher
5. Matthew Perry
6. Chris Ely
7. Matthew Keene
8. Mark Dell
9. James Harrold
10. Scott Follington

Source: Schumacher

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